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Custom Machined Parts
Sourcing HighQuality Hardware

Specialty Bolting and Industrial Equipment

With over 20 years of experience of sourcing custom machined parts, specialty bolting and industrial equipment, we know where to go for the highest quality products at the best price and delivery to meet your stringent process and design requirements.

Specialty Hardware

We provide custom hardware and specialty fasteners including specialty bolts, nuts and studs with the materials designed to meet your specifications.  Because our fasteners are of the highest quality, they are even used in the aerospace and nuclear industry. Learn more

Custom Machined Parts

In addition to providing a unique range of specialty fasteners, MAI provides high quality custom machined parts and components to meet our customer’s requirement. Utilizing the most accurate and productive equipment allows us to produce the highest quality parts in the most efficient manner.  We use the following CNC machinery to produce precision, custom machined parts: Learn more

If someone comes to us for a large hex nut in an exotic material, we contact a cooperative of fastener houses that can make the particular part to our customer’s specification.  We have a number of high quality suppliers that can produce our custom fasteners.

Industrial Hardware

We also source industrial hardware such as lifting hardware, fittings and tubing for machine builders and rebuilders.

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